With the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease, academic evaluation through online exams became a common practice. It has forced a myriad of educational institutions to re-think in-person learning by moving to the online learning sphere. This ongoing global crisis has created unprecedented challenges for both tutors and learners both.

There has been an increased demand for online academic classes, hence online exams. As a result, holding exams reliably and effectively became challenging for higher education management, due to the increased in online exams, the demand of online exam help has also increased.

Online exams have become indispensable in the critical pandemic situation, and they are expected to increase in demand even in non-critical situations. Thus, to hold the online exams effectively and fairly, there is an immense need for various methods to be considered. For many students, giving an online exam is a new and bewildering experience. They are not certain whether they have the skills and strategies to meet the expectations of teachers. Well, online exams are virtually similar to in-class exams. However, online exams have certain differences that require extra awareness and preparation.

Without a shadow of any doubt, students throughout the globe are exceedingly happy with the ease and convenience of giving exams from home. Online examinations have become increasingly popular and necessary, and many schools and universities have given up the traditional method of pen and paper.

Recommended tips to succeed in online exams

Previously, it was challenging for examiners to conduct the exams. However, now, setting up an online exam for thousands of students take a similar amount of effort needed to set an exam for ten people. The more online exams people give, the more used they get to the concept of living in a remotely controlled world.

How to prepare before the online exam?

–          Read and try to comprehend the test guidelines

Always ensure that you can answer these questions. What is the specific date and time for the test? How much time is needed to complete the test? Is it possible to take the test home or to any other specific location? Are there any other imperative factors outlined by the instructor?

–          Know the overall format of the test

What kind of questions can the instructor possibly ask in the exams? Multiple choices, short answers, or essays? It could also be an amalgamation of many types?

–          Test yourself

If a practice exam is offered to you by the instructor, take it instantaneously. Students can also find practice tests in the textbook of their class.

–          Check the operation of your computer

Always ensure to avoid last-minute problems. Whether you are giving an exam on your personal computer or one that is available in the computer lab, verify whether or not it has the correct and advanced hardware and software. Furthermore, there is an immense need for students to be in a location with a proper internet connection.

–          Plan your time according to the exam

While doing practice tests, limit your time according to the actual tests, and decide how long you need to spend on every part of the question paper. (For instance, if the exam is one hour long, divide it).

–          Minimal distractions while giving the exam

While giving online exams, students should turn off all the notifications from phones, emails, IM, and much more. Shut off the television or radio if placed in the room. Let your roommates and family know that you are giving a test so that there are minimal chances of getting interrupted or disturbed.

–          Gather everything needed for the exam

Ensure to have materials like notes, books, or writing implements before starting the exam.

–          Relax and take a deep, deep breath!

Do not panic once you are logged in. Relax, get focused, and start right away.

How to focus during the online exam?

–          Always keep an eye on the clock

Students are recommended to set an alarm that notifies them when a limited time is left ( e.g 20 minutes remaining in the testing period.

–          If permitted by the instructor, copy and save the questions and answers of the test

Saving the questions and answers becomes exceedingly helpful for students facing technical issues while giving the test.

–          Never leave the test page

If you are allowed to use Google for information, do not leave the tab. Instead of using the same tab in which you are giving the exam, use a different tab for browsing and searching. This way, you might end up losing all your work. Always open the second tab of your browser and conduct the research.

–          Technicalities? Do not panic

If you are having any kind of technical issues while giving the exam, always consult your instructor immediately. Let them know the exact problem you are having or if you have received any kind of error messages.

–          Before submitting the work, check It again and again

Once you are done with the online exam, keep checking it. Check it to ensure every answer is complete. Review the overall accuracy, grammar, and spelling of your answers.

–          Click submit and send your test

If you are facing any kind of problems in submitting the test, tell your instructor promptly, and forward your queries and concerns in the attached document.

How to review the online exam?

–          Assess your overall exam

How do you think your exam went? What were the questions that confused you? Do you remember if you skipped something? Return to the paragraphs and readings, and see if you can find the answers to the questions that were challenging for you.

–          Check the grade of your exam

In certain cases, students might be able to learn their grades immediately. However, students need to know that sometimes the instructor takes a longer time to grade written answers in the exam take, so allow some time and then give them the score.

–          Ask yourself the ways through which you can improve the next online exam

Do you think the strategies you made for studying worked effectively? Do you think the plan you made for giving the online exam was successful? If not, then there is an immense need for you to write down all the observations and keep them in mind the next time you give an online exam.

Wrap Up

Consider how putting these tips into practice during the exam period can support students meet their academic goals efficiently. Always remember that organization of course materials, study space, and management of exam time minimizes the overall stress level and enhances the overall productivity level.

Additionally, online examination plays an imperative role in saving money in a multitude of ways. Since everything in the online examination is remote, neither there are any printing costs nor logistic costs. Examiners can easily make the papers by using question banks and databases of previous papers. Students can select the time of the exam as per their convenience and the time that suits them best. What else do students want?

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